No Chimney...No Problem !!

No Chimney..? No Problem, you can still have a Gas Fire, Wood Burning Stove & a Hole in the Wall Fire.

Want a Stove?.. A Gas Fire?.... A hole in the wall fire?...No Problem .....!!

No Chimney..? No Problem

Many people want a fireplace or two in their homes, not just to heat their property but for aesthetic purposes too. Some may desire a wood burning fire, especially during the colder winter months, when there’s nothing better than relaxing in a nice, warm home, with a roaring fire creating a soothing glow.

Twin wall flue for when you have no chimney.

If you want a cost effective and simple solution, a twin wall flue made of stainless steel is probably the way to go. The flue pipe is assembled to provide a flue from your wood fire or stove to the outside of your property. This could be done by the flue pipe rising up and out of your home or even through an external wall or ceiling/roof.

Gas or electric?

For those people that have a gas connection in their living room; they could opt for a flueless gas fire or a balanced flue gas fire. If you don’t have a gas connection and your options appear to be lacking, the perfect solution could be to install an electric fire. A flueless gas fire doesn’t require a flue first and foremost so it makes installation a lot easier and there’s not going to be the need for work such as a chimney breast being built, or a flue being installed.

Balanced gas flue

Another chimney free solution is the balanced flue gas fire option. A working gas connection is again required along with an external wall. This is because a balanced flue gas fire actually vents out through the wall in which it is installed. It’s another very efficient solution too as they are commonly glass fronted. This means that the fuel burning efficiency is substantially increased and the glass also radiates the heat.

Examples of No Chimney installations

no chimney - no problem
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woodburners liverpool
real fire stoves
wood burning stoves

Balanced Flue Gas Fire

The Eden Elite Slimline balanced flue is a slim hole-in-the-wall gas fire with fully automatic and thermostatic remote control operation. It has been specifically designed for homes without a chimney or flue, without compromising on the Eden’s stunning flame aesthetics. It also features an improved authentic looking log fuel effect and features flame-reflective black enamel liners. This high efficiency glass fronted fire can be fitted without a trim for a sleek minimalist appearance or purchased with an optional black or brushed steel trim.